Kenya, Thika – 1700m asl
SL28, Certified Organic

Citrus, Marshmallow Plant and Milk Chocolate, sweet and delicate coffee, strong enough for a good morning espresso and great for late afternoon filter.
Meet Toki, from Spikizi, and his family 300ha beautiful coffee farm!

Muiri is the tribal name of an indigenous medicinal tree called “Prunus Africana”
The family grows this tree all around their coffee.

Medium roast – Perfect for home filter and home espresso machines, Moka pot, French Press and other hand brewing techniques.

Coffee sold in a reusable PET jars and polymer buckets
in the PET jar: 
Refill / Polymer bucket / Bring your own container: 
500g – 1kg
10 brewing sachets (like tea bag! Brew your coffee on the go while travelling!)

See our catalogue and prices

To make your order, contact
+254 786 987360

and/or come to

French Mission Torréfacteurs
Riverside Lane (Former Netherlands Embassy)
Westland, Nairobi

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